Price, quality, and why there is so much difference across the CBD world.

Price, quality, and why there is so much difference across the CBD world.

A popular question that comes up when people talk about CBD- Why is CBD so expensive?

When I first tried CBD, my first thought was how amazing I felt, not how can I manufacture this. But after exploring the CBD landscape, I realized the only way I was going to get the product I wanted to use and would feel comfortable giving to my family and friends was to control every aspect of the CBD manufacturing process.

Creating a CBD formula that works is no small undertaking. I set out to make a product that was as close to nature as possible. In Mindset's case, that means nothing but natural MCT virgin coconut oil infused with USA grown full spectrum hemp extract, select natural terpenes, and essential vitamins. That's why Mindset products are getting real people real results.

What surprised me was as I produced my products, the fewer ingredients I used, the more the cost to procure was. I kept making my products more natural and more organic and cleaner, and the price kept rising. I kept removing preservatives, fillers, and other non-organic ingredients.

I replaced gelatin with apple pectin as the base of our gummies; Raw cane sugar instead of article sweeteners. And each one of these changes led the price to increase.

CBD Price

I spent a lifetime learning one basic fact, "you get what you pay for." And so, our products were going to be made of the best ingredients. I knew from my experience in retail that people will always prefer quality and something that makes their lives better.

Mindset Wellness CBD only provides high-quality products that strive to make people's lives better. Price is reflected in all the energy and love put into each mindset product and all of the artificial ingredients left out.

We are a craft manufacturer, just as there are craft beers, Mindset is a CBD manufacture that creates small full spectrum batches of CBD products that are then tested by a 3rd party independent lab. It is my honor to put these COA reports on the product page of each item we sell.

Even the Mindset Bath bombs get tested, no CBD company tests bath bombs, but I do because I use them in my bath, and I want a pure product.

Vegan CBD Ptoducts

There are cheaper CBD products on the market, lots of them. Companies mass produce on assembly lines both domestically and overseas. How these products are made and where they are sourced, and how much testing is done can be a mystery. With Mindset, there is no mystery. Our prices represent the love that goes into each product. From the formulas to the organic ingredients to the price, each Mindset CBD product is intentional.

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