A Note To All Moms

A Note To All Moms

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Tell me your a mom without telling me your a mom: You are everything to everyone (chef, chauffeur, housekeeper, personal assistant, personal shopper, lover, friend & confidant)

You are always trying to keep everyone happy, while holding it all together.

Holding space for everyone until you are drained

You’re a Juggling act (home, kids, pets, plants, husband, friends)

You’ve made breakfast, done a load of laundry, packed lunches, dropped kids off at school went to the grocery store, made & canceled several appointments, paid bills & it’s only 9am!

You have many sleepless nights

You’re a problem solver

You’re a shoulder to cry on

You’re stressed about all the things you didn’t do

You cry about all the things you could have done better

You put everyone’s needs before your own

You feel like you are the luckiest person in the world to have this life & be surrounded by so much beauty & so much love❤️

As women we are givers, it’s in our DNA. We sometimes can give until we are empty. We have to learn to allow ourselves to receive not just to give.

Make self care a priority. When we are focused on our health & wellbeing we become less anxious and less stressed. Giving ourselves permission to rest, permission to heal is an essential part of being a mother. When we are less stressed we feel calm & our lives feel easier. When we give ourselves the time & care that we deserve we feel better. When we feel better we are happy and everyone around us becomes happier!

You deserve to feel good, feel happy and feel calm! Take care of you!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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