A Survival Guide...

A Survival Guide...

I read this quote today:

It resonated and made me realize how true that statement is. How many times did I look for inspiration in personal stories of triumph over tribulation through my journey?

Now it is my time to contribute to the whole and share my journey to inspire or give a sense that things can evolve and change and not to fear the unknown.

When CBD was introduced into my life, I was in a state of imbalance and fear. The simple addition of a molecule found in a plant changed my entire perspective. I choose a new mindset. I realized that fear was not something I had to live with; in CBD, there was, for the first time, a natural alternative.

Rene and I built Mindset Wellness CBD out of a desire to heal. First ourselves, then our family and our friends and now with a much larger community.

As Mindset Wellness took shape, somedays were filled with love, light, and creativity, and some days were filled with self-doubt and crisis of confidence. Through it all, my CBD regimen kept me moving forward and ultimately breaking through to "success".

Success is many things to many people. For us, it is knowing that the CBD Products we created are helping others to ease, balance and calm in a time when people need it.

We are sharing our story, our journey, so maybe you will be inspired to choose your mindset.

Listen to our journey on the hit podcast, Seeing Other People:

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