Ambition Chelsea

Ambition Chelsea

Chelsea, NY - Mindset founders Jon and Rene Shapiro, joined Anne Mahlum, the founder of Ambition, at the grand opening of her newest Ambition Studio in Chelsea, New York. 

Guests at the Ambition Studio had the wonderful opportunity to indulge in our Mindset Gummy Bar. With a variety of mindsets available, everyone could choose their favorite and enjoy a tasty treat that perfectly complemented their desired state of mind And to enhance the experience even further, we set up a dedicated Torch'd Patches Station, allowing attendees to explore the benefits of our CBD transdermal patches.

At Mindset Wellness, we are incredibly proud to collaborate with Ambition. Our shared vision of promoting overall well-being and supporting individuals in their wellness journeys brings us together. We believe in empowering people to live their best lives and achieve their wellness ambitions, and partnering with Ambition allows us to reach even more individuals on this journey.

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