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Get Some Rest

Rest is essential, yet so many people just can't get to sleep.

Mindset REST gummies and drops continue to change the erratic sleep patterns of so many people. When people discovered Mindset's REST gummies and drops had the ability to help them get to sleep, it sold out pretty quickly.

CBD For Sleep
So, what’s so special about our rest gummies?
They are made with rest in mind. They are made from apple pectin not gelatin. So, they are vegan and organic. We infuse our gummies with full spectrum CBD and melatonin. There are 10 mgs of CBD per gummy. There are 3-5 mgs of melatonin per gummy. 10 calories per gummy. The flavor is a delicious restful raspberry. We use pure cane sugar in the cbd gummies, never artificial sweeteners or processed sugars.

Rest Gummies

How many gummies should I take?
Dosage is different for everyone because everyone's system is unique. We suggest taking one gummy 30 minutes before bedtime. If you're still not feeling sleepy, we suggest taking another gummy. You can check out our suggested dosage and regimen on the Mindset Rest Gummy product page.

Our rest gummies are helping people sleep again. A plant based natural way to a restful sleep. 

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