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Morning Honey: DivaMoms Lyss Stern Partners With Mindset Wellness

Exclusive: Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DivaMoms Lyss Stern Partnered With Mindset Wellness on Their New Gummies to Help Moms 'Be Seen and Heard'


 Lyss Stern launched DivaMoms, a company that that now offers marketers unparalleled access to millions of moms across the globe, 20 years ago, and now she's onto her next venture: she's partnering with Mindset Wellness, a CBD brand dedicated to nurturing emotional well-being through plant-based mood enhancement products.

"This partnership is deeply personal to me because it comes from a very emotional place. I struggled a great deal during the pandemic as a mom, and I developed long COVID. That struggle has only been amplified in today’s challenging world. Stress and worry have become part of our daily existence as mothers. There was nothing like this to address my needs. Nothing that gave me the calm and focus to recover mentally and physically while caring for my three kids," Stern exclusively tells Morning Honey, adding that the collaboration led to the creation of "Mom's Time Out" gummies, a product line designed with the unique needs of moms in mind.

Though there's other products out there, Stern believes Mom’s Time Out CBD Bundles "aim to fill the void for CBD products specifically designed for mothers, offering them a way to take a break and nurture their own well-being, she explains. "There was nothing like this when we developed MTO CBD Bundles. Moms deserve to feel joyful, relaxed and rested. Our thoughtfully crafted bundle makes that a reality."

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Lyss Stern partnered with Mindset Wellness to create gummies for moms.

"I had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan and Rene, the incredible founders of Mindset Wellness, at a Mom’s Time Out retreat that I hosted. Their CBD gummies were a revelation, and I was inspired to join forces with Rene, a dedicated and exceptional momtrepreneur herself. Their CBD gummies were a breakthrough for me personally, and I was driven to collaborate with Rene. Together, we crafted the MTO bundle, a powerful modality to help moms everywhere achieve their best lives!" she says.

"These gummies are designed to be a convenient and enjoyable part of your self-care routine, helping you manage your day with ease and grace. The Mom’s Time Out bundle is a perfect combination for busy moms looking to reclaim their time and prioritize their well-being. Whether you need to lift your mood, find calm, or get a good night’s sleep, these gummies are here to support you throughout the day and night. You will thank me and the Mindset Wellness team for creating these much needed CBD bundles — because they work," she adds.

The bundle, which is designed to "help busy moms with a comprehensive self-care solution," features three different types of gummies: Happy, Calm and Rest. "Each gummy is tailored to meet specific needs throughout the day, and they are vegan, organic, third-party tested, and non-intoxicating, ensuring the highest quality and safety," she says.

Since Stern knows all too well that motherhood can be hard, she is adamant on taking a walk every day to give herself "the gift of solitude and opportunity to connect with my inner self," she explains. "Empower yourself by taking a moment for self-care without the burden of guilt. Prioritize your mental well-being and embrace the pause, it is an absolute necessity."
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Stern is also excited to continue working alongside Mindset Wellness, as "every aspect" of it "resonates" with her.

"With Jonathan and Rene by my side, we transformed our shared vision into a reality, crafting a Mom Time Out CBD bundle that celebrates the best of life for moms everywhere," she gushes. "We will be collaborating much more and creating transformative products and experiences for women, particularly those in the midst of menopause, like myself. We have some thrilling projects in the pipeline that we cannot wait to share soon."

"I strive to embolden mothers everywhere to confidently chase their dreams and cultivate their passions while equipping them with the tools and modalities they need to thrive in this crazy world," the Chief Executive Officer of DivaMoms concludes. "As a momtrepreneur, I want to inspire change, launch a powerful conversation, and create awareness of the struggle all mothers face. Mothers are the foundation of our society, the emotional backbone that supports the entire family. Mothers are not only caregivers; they are often the breadwinners and the moral beacon that guides their children. Yet why don’t we address their needs? Why don’t we acknowledge how they are feeling? Anxiety is rampant. Panic is rampant. The pressure is too much for anyone to handle. So what can we do, as a society, to give moms a step up, a life preserver? We created the Mom’s Time Out CBD Bundle (10 happy, 10 calm, 10 rest). I love not only making modalities that work for mothers, I love the incredible community of moms and making sure they all know they are not alone."

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