How much CBD do you take to get the best results?

Dosing is ultimately the key factor in providing the positive and anticipated outcome when using CBD.

CBD dosing is generally misunderstood by most health care providers and consumers.

Finding the ideal CBD dosage is dependent on several factors, including the your weight, diet, metabolism, other medications, genetics, and medical condition.

Based on this, it's not yet possible to develop universal CBD dosage guidelines that work effectively for everyone, but well-educated estimates can still be made using the limited information currently available. 

Consumers are used to taking pharmaceuticals (with single-agent ingredients with single-receptor targets). As a society we have come to expect that higher doses equal greater responses.

Forget that concept when it comes to CBD.

CBD dosages are much different than pharmaceutical prescription dosages.

With CBD you are looking for that "sweet spot", the goldilocks dosage where your system gets just what it needs, no more, no less. 

The rule of thumb for CBD is start low and go slow.

Drops Dosage

1. If using a drops (tincture) start with 1/2 dropper full three times during the day and once at bedtime.

2. Stay at this dose for 7 days.

3. If you are not experiencing any benefits increase your daily dose by 1/4 dropper.

4. Stay on this dose for 7 days. Keep track of how you are feeling, your mindset and any effects you may have. 

5. Once you feel you've achieved a noticeable improvement, take it up one more dose and you should be in your personalized dosage 'sweet spot'.

6. If you find the benefits decreased once you went to this higher dose, simply return to the previous dose.

It's very important to be patient during this process. 

Many people, including health care providers, use high initial doses of CBD hoping to get quick results. This is not the way to achieve systemic wellness.

If the dosage is too strong you will not get the full benefits. If the dosage is too weak you may not get any benefits at all.

Drops, taken under the tongue, can be absorbed almost immediately.

Gummies will be absorbed anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes after ingesting.

Spray absorption depends on where you spray. Under your tongue is a almost immediate onset, if you swallow it can take 15 to 45 minutes.