CBD for Muscle Recovery

CBD for Muscle Recovery

CBD can play a vital role in post-workout muscle recovery. Just as our minds need to rest after a strenuous day of work, our muscles need to recharge after a strenuous workout. Recharge, Mindset Wellness CBD’s Muscle Recovery was designed to help your muscles do just that.

CBD for Muscle Recovery


Muscle inflammation is very common after a workout and it has been found that CBD may inhibit inflammation, therefore shortening recovery time and relieving tension in the tissue. Applying ice to prevent or reduce inflammation after a workout may not be enough. Athletes or those who are working out strenuously need a recovery routine. That’s where CBD comes into play. By applying Recharge, Mindset Wellness CBD Muscle Recovery to the skin, you can reduce inflammation that has already occurred, giving you faster recovery time

Post-workout muscle tension is usually an indicator that there is an injury to a tissue. If this has ever happened to you, you know how painful it can be. Many athletes turn to muscle relaxers for this type of pain but these are benzodiazepine drugs that have side effects like depression, trembling, dizziness, confusion, and sedation.  A natural alternative to pain relievers, CBD may reduce pain by decreasing inflammatory messenger activity, and reducing muscle ache sensitivity.

 CBD for sleep

Sleep is also essential to your muscle recovery. The body goes through the process of restoring damaged proteins, removing cellular debris, converting lactic acid to glucose in the liver, and stimulating stem cell differentiation into muscle fibers. On the other hand, sleep deprivation can boost cortisol levels, decrease the insulin-like growth factor, and reduce testosterone production. Mindset Wellness CBD Rest Products can help improve sleep quality as well as these processes, resulting in faster muscle recovery.


CBD may improve energy levels. For fitness lovers and athletes, being low in energy can be detrimental. CBD works in conjunction with the body’s endocannabinoid system to help restore and manage a natural balance or homeostasis in your body. This process allows for steady, increased energy ready to be exerted in your workout.

 Recharge CBD Muscle Recovery

Recharge, Mindset Wellness CBD Muscle Recovery combines CBD, menthol, and camphor, all natural and organic ingredients, to soothe muscles. It’s perfect to use after a tough workout to amplify the work you just put in and get your ready for your next one.


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