About Us

Mindset Wellness – Choose Your Mindset

Mindset Wellness is an innovative wellness brand co-founded by husband-and-wife team Jonathan and Rene Shapiro, and celebrity fitness icon Isaac Boots. Our journey is a tapestry of diverse and fascinating experiences, each contributing to the creation of a brand that empowers individuals to choose their own mindset.

Our Founders' Journey

Jonathan Shapiro began his career on the stages of CBGBs as a hip hop artist, later finding breakout success with the iconic clothing brand Ed Hardy. Together with Rene, they founded the first fashion chain, Mixology Clothing Company, curating brands that they created themselves. Each chapter of their entrepreneurial journey has been a stepping stone, leading to the inception of Mindset Wellness.

Isaac Boots, dubbed the breakout fitness star by the New York Times, is a philanthropist, choreographer, and Broadway dancer. With an impressive list of credits, Isaac has trained and worked with superstars in TV, film, Broadway, and music, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Chastain, Kelly Ripa, Vanessa Hudgens, Lisa Rinna, Ariana Grande, Priyanka Chopra, Naomi Watts, Brooke Shields, Lucy Liu, and Faye Dunaway.

Our Philosophy

Mindset Wellness is more than just a wellness brand; it’s a philosophy dedicated to providing individuals with the freedom to choose how they want to feel. In a world where choices are often limited, Mindset Wellness stands out by empowering people to make choices that align with their well-being.

Our Commitment to Non-Intoxicating Wellness

We’ve successfully brought complex and stigmatized issues into the limelight, catering to an audience eager for non-intoxicating wellness remedies. Mindset Wellness has become a trusted name, offering products that resonate with those seeking holistic well-being without compromising on quality or effectiveness.

The Catalyst

The inception of Mindset Wellness was deeply personal. Struggling with anxiety and depression, Jon sought alternatives to prescriptions that left him feeling numb. The game-changer was plant-based cannabinoids, and he felt compelled to share this wellness revelation with the world.

In essence, Mindset Wellness is a culmination of the Shapiros' and Isaac Boots' entrepreneurial journey, a brand that champions the power of choice in well-being. It’s not just a product; it’s an invitation for individuals to take control of their feelings and choose their mindset. The journey continues, and we’re excited to see where our choices will lead us next.

Choose your Mindset,

Jonathan Shapiro, Rene Shapiro, Isaac Boots

Co-Founders Mindset Wellness