About Us

Introducing Mindset Wellness, an innovative CBD brand founded by husband-and-wife duo Jonathan and Rene Shapiro, who were previously successful fashion entrepreneurs owning and operating 15 luxury retail stores and a booming e-commerce platform.

Jonathan suffered from chronic anxiety and, after years of unsuccessful treatments, he discovered the power of CBD. This life-changing experience led them to start Mindset Wellness with a mission to educate others about CBD and the endocannabinoid system.

Mindset Wellness offers vegan gummies, tinctures, skin care, and calming treats for pets, all designed to balance the mind.

One of the unique aspects of Mindset Wellness is their ultra-personal approach to wellness. The brand designs products to conjure specific moods or “mindsets" such as Happy, Calm, Focus, Rest, Recovery, and Love, catering to individual needs and concerns. Customers can choose from a range of products, each infused with specific terpenes to produce the desired state of mind. 

For example, those in search of upliftment can try the "Happy" line of gummies and drops formulated with the terpene limonene. The brand also offers ingestibles and wellness products infused with the terpene linalool to ease a worried mind and gummies and drops containing pinene for a boost of memory retention and creativity. For those looking for a good night's sleep, Mindset Wellness provides melatonin-infused "Rest" gummies and drops containing vitamin B12 and the terpene caryophyllene. And for furry friends, Mindset offers CBD beef jerky treats.

In addition to being a successful fashion entrepreneur and the founder of Mindset Wellness, Jonathan Shapiro also had a career as a rapper and producer in the 1990s under the name Jon Saint. This experience gave him a unique perspective on the power of music and its ability to influence mood and mindset. It also helped him develop a deep understanding of the importance of balancing creativity and productivity, which he brings to his work with Mindset Wellness.

Overall, Mindset Wellness is a brand that empowers customers to take control of their physical and emotional health through the power of CBD. The brand's founders, Jonathan and Rene Shapiro, bring a unique combination of entrepreneurial experience, personal passion, and a deep commitment to education and empowerment to their work with Mindset Wellness.

Choose your mindset,
Jonathan and Rene Shapiro
Founders Mindset Wellness CBD