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Energy Crystal Gift Set

Energy Crystal Gift Set

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Elevate your vitality and drive with our dynamic Torch'd Crystal Gift Set, a fusion of 20 Torch'd Energy Gummies and the transformative energy of Solzartz Healing Crystals. Dive into a world of heightened energy and focused intent:

  • Citrine Crystal: Infuse your life with a burst of radiant vitality. Citrine fuels creativity, determination, and prosperity. It sparks positivity, inviting success into your endeavors.
  • Quartz Crystal: Amplify your energy and sharpen focus. Quartz is the ultimate amplifier, enhancing the power of other crystals. It brings mental clarity, banishes negativity, and fosters equilibrium.
  • Rutilated Quartz Crystal: Elevate mental clarity and drive. Rutilated Quartz sharpens concentration, fortifies determination, and inspires forward momentum. It dispels negativity, empowering goal-setting.

Experience the alchemy of these crystals as they unite to uplift your vitality, sharpen your focus, and ignite your drive. Embrace the Torch'd Crystal Gift Set, where energizing gummies and empowering crystals join forces to propel you toward a revitalized sense of energy and purpose.

Contents of the Torch'd Crystal Gift Set:

  • Torch'd Energy Gummies (Quantity: 20)
  • Reiki infused Citrine Crystal
  • Reiki infused Quartz Crystal
  • Reiki infused Rutilated Quartz Crystal
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