Taking a moment to reflect

Taking a moment to reflect

This month a year ago the world changed for everyone. The unimaginable happened. We’ve been through so much.

It takes a toll on our emotions + our bodies, which effects our thought patterns, our sleep + our diet.

And all of this can have an effect on our overall well-being and mental health. It’s so important to check in on yourself. Ask yourself how am I feeling? How am I doing? What do I need right now? Remember it’s ok to not be ok! It’s ok to ask for help. It’s ok to take a break. It’s ok to rest.

Its ok to want to be happy. It’s ok to focus on you. In fact it’s important! You are important. Your health is important. When we experience trauma the energy can feel overwhelming and can get stuck in our bodies and cause anxiety and stress which leads to disease.

So be gentle with yourself. Practice self care and self love. If you choose to take care of yourself first maybe you can move through this time with a little more ease and be ready for the next chapter and all the possibilities with a healthy mindset.
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