Hi, I am Jonathan Shapiro, the Co-Founder and CEO of Mindset Wellness CBD. I felt that my first post for the Mindset blog should be personal, explain who I am, and why my wife, Rene, and I decided to leave our successful retail business to start Mindset Wellness CBD in 2020. Saying CBD changed my life would be an understatement...

I suffered from crippling anxiety since I was young. My determination to not let my anxious tendencies get the best of me drove me to push for greatness. First, I was so enthralled with hip-hop that I avoided all college thoughts and became 90s rapper/producer "Jon Saint"—creating music relieved my anxiety temporarily.

Jonathan Shapiro


I met Rene at age 19, and we were married two years later. Rene is the strongest person I have ever met. Together, we built a business. One that started as just an idea but with lots of hard work and talent, we created our first retail success.

In 2008 we saw the World crumble as we all faced the recession, but the greatest ideas can come from our most challenging times. Mixology Clothing Company, a "fast fashion" retail concept, was my great idea. Rene and I made magic; the idea was a hit. We opened one store, then two stores, and then many, many more stores. Not only did we open multiple locations in a short time, we also created our own apparel brands and built on the growing e-commerce trend with the addition of our website.

Why am I telling you all of this? Because through it all, my anxiety consumed me with fear. Fear of not succeeding, losing what I had, or not having enough. Mood-swings, weight gain, and constant teeth grinding tension became my norm. 

Then I found CBD, and for the first time in 20 years, I started to feel like myself. As CBD began to make me feel better, I realized that previously I wasn't aligned with who I was supposed to be. Once my endocannabinoid system was fully balanced and my anxiety was under control, I realized that sitting in an office, selling clothing was not my life purpose. 

I found something incredible and inspiring in CBD, and sharing it with people who suffered from anxiety similar to mine made sense. Finally, I had a calling. CBD was my purpose. I needed to create, heal, help, change, choose. Rene and I decided it was time to sell our retail entities and build a new company with a mission to heal people. Our years of entrepreneurship and brand building led us to create a CBD brand that would bridge the next evolution in our lives. Within one week, something amazing happened. I connected with an incredible team who took my new brand and began to build a company around it. I was so excited and so happy.

Then COVID came. Everything changed. We were in a pandemic with no safety net. All of our kids came home from jobs and college. I had been in some challenging places emotionally in the past, but this hit me hard; However, as the World was shutting down, we saw a sign to start again. Rene was inspiring and magical and filled with love and positivity. Through CBD, mediation, and music, I was able to clear my mind and tap into the part of me that makes great things happen and build the company I was destined to create. 

CBD Products

Alas. Mindset Wellness CBD came to be, and each Mindset flooded my mind. It was all so clear, the colors, logo, font, and the smileys. Plus, I knew terpenes and organic plant oils in various products, including CBD Gummies, CBD Drops, CBD Bath Bombs, CBD Beauty, and CBD Pain Relief were key. Today, people are using Mindset Wellness CBD products, and their lives are improving. They are less anxious, calmer, happier, and have an easier time navigating the insanity of these unprecedented times. That is our mission, and it is just beginning. Mindset is everything.

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