Linalool is a terpene. It is found in lavender and cinnamon. It has a sweet floral aroma.

It may have: 

Sedative Effects

Linalool (often in the form of lavender) has been used in traditional medicine practices for hundreds of years. Studies found that linalool may improve the immune system’s resilience to stress.

Slow Wave Sleep

Linalool may reduce the signaling strength of a brain chemical that’s required for muscle contraction and movement. Linalool may aid in rest, as studies suggest it increases slow-wave sleep, which is instrumental in muscle relaxation and heart rate reduction.

Anti-Anxiety Effects

Linalool may be one of the best terpenes for anxiety relief. It may relieve paranoia and restlessness.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects 

Linalool may have anti-inflammatory properties. A study found that linalool inhibits inflammation. The study also suggested that it was a possible therapeutic candidate for inflammatory disease treatment.

Pain Relief Effects

Linalool may have pain-relieving properties. Some of linalool’s pain-relieving properties may be ascribed to its elevation of adenosine levels, an inhibitory brain chemical.

Antimicrobial Effects

Since one of the primary roles of terpenes is protecting plants from disease, it is no surprise that linalool may possess antimicrobial properties.

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Entourage Effect

Linalool may work synergistically with Mindset Wellness CBD products to produce the entourage effect. The result is a balanced endocannabinoid system (ECS).



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