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Dating Survival Pack Gummy Bundle

Dating Survival Pack Gummy Bundle

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The Dating Survival Pack by Mindset Wellness & Seeing Other People

Navigating the dating world can be a rollercoaster of emotions—nervous breakdowns before a date, overthinking every detail after, or the anxiety of seeing your crush view your IG story but not text back. If dating anxiety has ever held you back from finding love, we've got the perfect solution.

The Dating Survival Pack by Mindset Wellness, in partnership with Seeing Other People, is designed to help you tackle dating with confidence and calm.

What's Inside:

  • 10 Calm Gummies - Tutti Frutti Flavor: Infused with linalool, these gummies promote relaxation for when things get a little too intense. Perfect for calming your nerves and helping you stay composed.
  • 10 Happy Gummies - Pineapple Flavor: Containing the terpene limonene, these gummies have a mood-uplifting effect that's ideal for those first-date jitters. They help you start your date on a positive note and keep the good vibes flowing.

Key Details:

  • Cannabinoids per Gummy: 25 MG
  • Calories per Gummy: 10
  • Total Sugar: 2G per gummy
  • Total Gummies: 20 (10 Calm, 10 Happy)
  • Total Cannabinoids: 500 MG

Why Choose the Dating Survival Pack?

  • Versatile Support: Choose between Calm and Happy gummies based on your needs. Feeling overwhelmed? Reach for a Calm Gummy. Need a happiness boost? Grab a Happy Gummy.
  • Convenient and Delicious: These tasty gummies make it easy to incorporate self-care into your dating routine.
  • Expertly Crafted: Made with high-quality, natural ingredients to ensure you get the best support possible.

Ready to take on the dating world with confidence? Try the Mindset Wellness & Seeing Other People's Dating Survival Pack and make dating a fun and stress-free experience. Happy swiping!

  • Vegan
  • Gluten free
  • Natural Flavors

Dating Survival Tips

Here are some tips to help manage your dating anxiety:

Focus on your wins.
There are so many moments worth celebrating in your dating journey. Maybe you put yourself out there and approached someone IRL, or you expressed your needs. You took a new photo for your dating app profile, or you decided to take a break from dating and focus on yourself. Perhaps you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone and opened up about something for the first time, or texted back without consulting the group chat. These are all dating wins, and they’re all worth celebrating. 

Rejection is redirection.
You’re not going to like everyone you go out with, and you’re not going to be liked by everyone you go out with. And THAT’S OKAY! Just because it didn’t work out with this person does not mean that there is something wrong with you. Rejection just means that it wasn’t a fit. It doesn’t mean you’re not good enough or that you’ll never find love. Your person is out there, and every rejection gets you one step closer to finding them.

Stick to the facts
One of my biggest struggles was right after the date would end. I’d get home, and I’d immediately start panicking. “Maybe he thought that joke I made actually wasn’t funny,” or, “We didn’t kiss, does that mean he’s not into me?” If we didn’t have another plan made, I’d jump to the conclusion that he didn’t want to see me again. Even once he’d follow up with a text that night or the next day, any time I wouldn’t hear from him for a bit I’d assume he was over me. I needed to stop allowing my imagination to run wild and start focusing on the facts. I began using the notes app on my phone after the date to write down how the date was, how I felt, some things we connected on, and if I thought we’d see each other again or not. That note was something I could look back at as soon as my mind would start to wander. It grounded me in the facts and reminded me that I had nothing to worry about. On your way home from your next date, try this exercise. Write a recap in your notes app, or even send it to a friend for accountability, and check back when you start to feel anxious.

A Note From Ilana Dunn

In January, 2021, a friend told me about a company called Mindset Wellness CBD. I learned that the founders Jon and Rene created Mindset to help with Jon’s anxiety, as no other method of relief had done the job. Given the dumpster fire of a dating life that my anxiety had plagued me with, hearing this really resonated with me. I figured, “Why not? Let’s try this out.” I put Mindset’s CBD gummies to the test with the part of my life that needed the most help. 

I began taking a Happy gummy before I would go on a date, in effort to shake off the nerves and feel like my best self when heading into the night. As soon as I finished the date, I would take a Calm gummy in an effort to prevent the overthinking spiral. It didn’t take long to realize that this was actually working, and I suddenly felt in control of my dating life in a way I never had before. I couldn’t believe it. 

A month later, I took a Happy gummy before departing for my first date with a guy from Hinge named Jake. Two years later, Jake and I live together in our Upper East Side apartment with our puppy, Barkley. 

I am eternally grateful for the anxiety relief that these gummies provided me with, which is why I wanted to create a product that would empower others to say goodbye to their dating anxiety the same way I did. 

I hope you love the Dating Survival Pack as much as I do. I can’t wait to hear all of your dating wins and success stories that come along with it! 

Stay Happy & Calm!



Dating Mindset

Dating is a wild ride, and your mindset can make or break the experience. But don't worry, babe, we've got your back. Here are a few tips to help you navigate the dating scene with a confident, open-minded, and positive attitude:

Live in the now: Don't let the past or future weigh you down. Instead, focus on the present moment and fully engage with your potential.

Be your own BFF: Show yourself some love and compassion. We all have our quirks and make mistakes, so cut yourself some slack.

Keep an open mind: Don't be afraid to try new things and be open to different types of people and experiences. You never know who or what might surprise you.

Lower the bar: Don't set unrealistic expectations for how things should go. This will only lead to disappointment. Instead, go with the flow and see where things lead.

Stay optimistic: Focus on the good stuff and let go of negative thoughts and feelings. Positive vibes attract positive relationships.

By following these tips, you'll approach dating with a healthy mindset that'll attract meaningful and fulfilling connections. So, go out there and find your happily ever after.


You want to find your personal CBD dosage 'Sweet Spot'. Each person is different, so each CBD dosage must be custom tailored to you. A individual's unique metabolism and wellness will all factor into their CBD dosage 'Sweet Spot'.

The rule of thumb for CBD is start low and go slow. Many people, including health care providers, use high initial doses of CBD hoping to get quick results. 

It's very important to be patient during this process. Do not exceed 4 gummies every 6 hours.





Packaged in the same facility as peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, and milk products.



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