The Most Popular CBD Questions

The Most Popular CBD Questions

"One of my favorite things is doing pop up shops. It's the opportunity to interact with customers in real life. I wanted to share some the CBD questions most often asked of me this week."

Are there are any side effects of CBD? No. CBD is a natural plant molecule and has no known side effects. 

Can you become reliant on CBD? No. CBD is completely non-habit forming.

Will consuming CBD make me groggy? No. CBD does not have the side effect of grogginess. In fact, CBD can help you to sleep more restfully and for longer, which in turn makes making waking up easier and mornings more energized.

Will CBD get me high? No. CBD is nonintoxicating. You can drive, work, or exercise after consuming CBD.

I love answering questions, so please keep asking them. Pop up shops are so much more than selling opportunities, they are the key to unlocking peoples understanding of this amazing molecule.

If you have any questions about CBD or just need suggestions on how to start your journey, please reach out, I'm so happy to share what I've learned.

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