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 A New Blog Series:
How CBD can help navigate the stressful world of dating in college

Part 1: First Date Drama 

“What do I wear, crop top or this top too revealing … what the hell am I going to talk about… can you make me a pre-dinner so I can order a salad?” 

If you have ever lived with roommates in college, I can pretty much guarantee you have had this conversation with your friend before a first date. Being the best friend of a girl who gets asked out on a new date every other week is almost as much work as going on a date itself.

first date
If the guy tells her, he will pick her up at 8 pm, that really means to start the “prep-work” at 5 pm. I know….sounds crazy. First comes the over-dramatic emptying of the closet and complaining she has nothing to wear. Debating whether the chosen outfit is too skimpy, too proper, or too basic, can take upwards of an hour. After we finally both agree on an outfit, that's when I make dinner for not one but two. Did you know some girls eat dinner before the dinner date? Yes, this is true. The anxiety of worrying about what one will eat during a date is solved by having a pre-dinner. 

As I was making this “pre-dinner,” I contemplated how I could help both of us with our date anxiety. The stress about what to wear, what to talk about, and what to eat takes away from the excitement of a first date. Even though MY night will consist of eating dinner on the couch watching gossip girl for the third time, the 2 hour wait for her to get home and spill all the details is just as nerve-racking as going on the date. 

For my roommates and myself, MindsetWellness CBD was a game-changer for the world of dating. Having the ability to pick products based on what type of mindset or headspace we want to be in, brought back the fun of first dates. Our chaotic outfit try-ons now resemble fashion shows, and our pre-dinners turned into a singular CALM or HAPPY CBD gummy. I can’t tell you these gummies will cure your anxiety, but as my roommate would say, “if you don’t have butterflies on a first date, you are just too good for him.” 

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