L.A. Mindset!

L.A. Mindset!

We just had the most incredible morning in los Angeles, and I can't wait to share the buzz with all of you! Our dynamic partner, Isaac Boots, joined the hosts of KTLA, one of the most popular morning shows in LA to feature the phenomenal Mindset x Torchd energy patches.

The response has been beyond our wildest dreams – the kind of exhilaration that sets your soul on fire. Picture this: Isaac, the energy maestro, sharing the transformative power of our Mindset x Torchd patches on live TV. It's like a burst of positivity radiating through the screen.

Now, let's talk about LA – the city of dreams and, now, the city of Mindset x Torchd! Isaac is personally showcasing our sought-after patches and gummies at the Maybourne in Beverly Hills from now until February 18.

This journey is more than just patches and gummies; it's a celebration of vitality, positivity, and the magic that happens when Mindset meets Torchd. So, join us on this ride – where every morning is as exhilarating as the one we just had on KTLA.

Here's to the energy, the excitement, and the unstoppable vibes of Mindset x Torchd!

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