Mindset Events

Mindset Events

We loved meeting so many people in person!

At Mindset Wellness, we're all about connecting with our customers and clients face-to-face, and last week was no different. 

Rene and I were at amazing Mindset events, spreading the word about the power of CBD wellness and choosing your mindset.

We had a great time at all our events, and we're excited to share some recaps with you below. We hope they give you a taste of the energy and community that we foster when we're in the building.

But why stop at just watching from the sidelines? We'd love for you to join us at our next get-together and experience the fun and inspiration of Mindset for yourself!

Keep an eye out for our upcoming event announcements and mark your calendar. We can't wait to see you there!

E by Equinox Meet the Founders Event

e by equinox event

We want to express our gratitude to everyone who attended the E by Equinox 'Choose Your Mindset' Meet the Founders event. This gathering brought together members and special guests for an unforgettable evening filled with wellness and CBD education, delicious cocktails, and delectable caviar and sushi.

Mindset Wellness founder, Jonathan Shapiro, spoke passionately and honestly about his personal journey through business and life. He shared how he ultimately chose to focus on his mindset and launch the brand, inspiring the guests in attendance. His message resonated with everyone, and it was clear that his mission to help people achieve optimal health and wellness through a choice in mindset was truly heartfelt.

Treo's wellness drinks were a hit! Treo's founders were on hand to share their passion and discuss the brand's benefits. The event also featured a special Mindset x Dos Hombres Happy Margarita infused with Mindset Happy CBD Drops. Dos Hombres generously donated their signature mezcal. 

Linda Siegel Florin and her team at NY Concierge flawlessly coordinated the entire event.

Mindset Wellness is incredibly grateful to Equinox for their support and providing an opportunity to speak to their exclusive members. It was a pleasure to meet everyone and share our passion for CBD wellness and mindset. Thank you to all who attended!

Sponsors: Equinox, Treo, Dos Hombres, Caviar Pimp, Mindset Wellness.

Adobe Express Creators Event

Adobe Express Creators Event

The Adobe Express Creator Empowerment Event at Shopify Headquarters In NYC left us feeling inspired, motivated, and energized.

The event was presented by the dynamic trio of Brian Femminella, Gigi Robinson, and Jack Jerry, who brought their unique perspectives and personalities to the stage.

Mindset Wellness founders Rene and Jon. shared their CBD wellness insights into how creatives can harness the power of their mindset to tap into their full creative potential. They provided samples, practical tips and techniques that were easy to understand and apply, leaving attendees feeling empowered and ready to choose their mindset.

The atmosphere at the event was electric, with an incredible buzz of energy and excitement throughout the day. From TikTok stars to hip hop artists, the attendees were a diverse and talented group of individuals who shared a passion for creativity and innovation.

Sponsors: Adobe Express, Shopify, Mindset Wellness, Lively, Small Words Project, SoundMind.

Restore UES Anniversary Party 

Restore 3rd Anniversary Event

The Restore Hyperwellness 3rd-Year Anniversary Bash on March 19th brought together people who share a passion for wellness, community, and good vibes. 

Mindset founders, Rene and Jon, were on hand to talk about the benefits of CBD wellness and choosing your mindset. 

We also set up a CBD gummy bar where attendees could sample some vegan gummy treats and learn more about the potential benefits of Mindset CBD. Let's just say the gummies were a hit! People were amazed by how delicious they were and how they helped them relax or focus depending on the mindset they chose.

It was great to see the energy in the room and how much people were enjoying themselves. 

A huge thank you to Restore Hyperwellness for putting together such an amazing event and for including us in the celebration. 


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