Pets Experience Anxiety Too

Pets Experience Anxiety Too

Mindset is Excited to Launch, MindPet Full-Spectrum CBD Treats for your Pet

Here's Our Story on why we decided to make a product for pets:

Meet Winnie. She is a wonderful, sweet, loving golden-doddle puppy. Winnie has anxiety. She was born in the Amish country and, just by luck, ended up with us. She was the runt of the litter, timid and shy.

CBD for Dogs

Slowly she found her bearings at our home, and she was jumping and playing and kissing and snuggling; However, her anxiety returned when we tried to go for a real walk.

The streets were foreign to her. She lived on a barn floor until she came to us and didn’t see many cars. Lawnmowers frightened her. Even little kids scared her. A little girl asked to pet her and, in an effort to normalize her I said sure. As the child reached out Winnie pulled hard and flew out of her harness. She ran home terrified and shaking.

CBD for Pets

She was outgoing and fun in the house and backyard, but anytime she had to go out, she would become frightened. Walk after walk, she would zig-zag behind me and between my legs. If we stopped to say hi to someone we knew, Winnie would hide behind me and hug my leg for support. I knew the signs because I had them once myself. Fear is a strong instinct meant to protect us, and all creatures. When out of balance, constant feelings of fear or anxiety can cause us to experience our environments as uncomfortable or threatening.

Winnie was meant to come to me. I knew exactly how she could find relief and experience the outdoors happily without fearing every landscaper and garbage truck. CBD works on Winnie's Endocannabinoid system the same way it works on mine. It helps to regulate and balance and bring things that are out of balance, like anxiety back into a normal range.

Golden Doodle

Winnie didn’t like the Mindset CBD drops in her water or on her food. I needed a delivery system that she would love as much as I loved my gummies. One of her favorite treats is beef jerky, and so I went out to create a full spectrum CBD-infused beef jerky treat for her.

Almost every CBD pet product on the market is isolate or broad-spectrum CBD, but I wanted Winnie to have the full benefit of full wellness, and for that, the treats needed to be full spectrum CBD.

Pet Anxiety

Winnie can't wait for her daily CBD Dog treat. She has no idea that this messenger molecule is helping to regulate her anxiety, all she knows is she gets delicious beef jerky. I am so proud of Mindpet CBD Beef Jerky Treats; I am sure it is going to make lots of nervous fur babies much more relaxed and I can't wait to hear all about it!

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