Fighting the Stigma - Let's Talk Mental Health

Fighting the Stigma - Let's Talk Mental Health

I have been aware of my mental health for as long as I can remember. My parents divorced when I was four years old and I struggled from that point on. The feelings of being scared, anxious, and worried were omnipresent as I grew up. 

Moments of clarity where I could see my purpose were fleeting, but over the years I found outlets to quell the noises in my mind. I enjoyed writing and performing music and I found love and got married. But these were only a temporary fix. Unchecked and unexamined, my anxiety found a way back into my life. However, now it was not just me dealing with my mental health issues, it was my wife as well. She loved and supported me but was now at the mercy of an illness she didn’t completely understand. I didn’t want my anxiety to stop us from building the life we dreamed of.

So I tried to fix it with new bandaids. I quieted it with strong prescribed medications, numbing myself in the process, to have the strength to create a business and support my family. At 48 years old I thought I had tried it all. I was resigned to my partially present life with fleeting moments of happiness.

Then I was introduced to CBD.

The anxiety I lived with my entire life slowly calmed while allowing me to still feel the full spectrum of emotions. My mind was mine again. My thoughts were clearing and I remained in balance. I felt like I was experiencing sunshine for the first time.

I knew there were millions of people just like me suffering with anxiety and depression and I knew I had to share my story to try and help them.

So, I said goodbye to my former business, my old patterns, my lack of mindset and embraced a new way of thinking. CBD gave me freedom. My system was now subsidized by natural remedies that healed and balanced my mind and body while allowing me to still feel in control.

Now I am the poster child for mental health awareness. My mental health will always be something I must attend to. I’m lucky enough that through all my trials, I have not been alone. But it hasn’t been easy on the people around me.

I hope by sharing my experience, I will inspire you to make the choice to take care of yourself and not suffer any longer.


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