Happy Mindset Wellness Anniversary

Happy Mindset Wellness Anniversary

Mindset Wellness is one years old today. How do you measure a year in the life? In daylights, sunsets, midnights? Perhaps, in cups of coffee? In inches, miles, laughter, and strife? Maybe in 525,600 minutes? One year ago we were in a global pandemic and anxiety was at an all time high, we literally chose our mindset, forged forward and gave the universe ether opportunity to support us.

None of what we accomplished would have been possible without you, the people who joined us on this wellness journey. Over this past year, we learned to use the natural tools nature provides: CBD, mediation and manifestation, all to find our balance and freedom from anxiety, pain and discomfort.

It's been a pleasure seeing our community grow stronger and heal together. We've heard your stories on how Mindset has been a huge help getting you through the challenges of your daily life, how most of you can sleep better, are happier and less anxious.

I have had the incredible privilege of sharing my story with so many people, and how anxiety shaped my life until I chose a new mindset. The greatest moments of this journey have been explaining what CBD actually does and helping you see through the stigma of cannabis. Because once you do, you'll see that a CBD regimen can simply change your lives for the better. Let's keep building our community, taking care of our mental health and growing together. Happy first birthday Mindset Wellness!

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