Mindset Wellness X Torch’d Shoppe

Mindset Wellness X Torch’d Shoppe

When you are in alignment with your purpose, the people who share that alignment come into your life naturally.

I didn’t always believe that. But Saturday night was too magical not to believe.

When I envisioned Mindset all I wanted was for people to try CBD so they could feel the healing and balance that I found. Once my motive was clear to the universe the universe took care of everything else.All these incredible people have come into our lives, supported Mindset, amplified our message and embraced our ethos.

Torch’d Shoppe

Of course, the universe found the perfect moment for Mindset to make its retail debut.

Isaac Boots is a fitness sensation and celebrity trainer. He has trained and worked with Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Ripa, Vanessa Hudgens, Ariana Grande, Priyanka Chopra, Hugh Jackman, Brooke Shields, Lucy Liu, and Faye Dunaway to name a few

The reason why everyone loves Isaac became very easy to understand once we met. He is authentic, with a passion for happiness, inclusion, and living life to the fullest.

When he explained the concept for the Torch’d Shoppe, I knew it was going to be like nothing else before it.

Torch’d Shoppe
Isaac assembled an incredible group of brands that resonated with him personally, he said, “I created Torch’d Shoppe for the same reason I brought my Torch’d classes into the real world,” “I love bringing people together on Instagram, but as the world is opening up I wanted to create communities of positive thinkers who are interested in providing for those that have less than they do”.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of merchandise in Torch’d Shoppe will go to benefit seven local Long Island charities including Children’s Museum of the East End, where Isaac leads in-person exercise classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10 am. As a Summer resident of Sag Harbor, Isaac is using the Wainscott Village location to host this collection.

Torch’d Shoppe

Torch’d Shoppe will feature the first ever New York location of the iconic Los Angeles-based retailer Fred Segal. In addition to Mindset Wellness, other brands available at Torch’d Shoppe include Terez, Rinna Beauty, Pride + Groom, and FP Movement.

Additionally, Torch’d Shoppe will feature several artists and photography, with works by Marco Santini, Wayne Hollowell and renowned photographer Terry O’Neill.Isaac said, “I’m so excited to showcase my favorite brands and products, especially since most of what will be featured in the store isn’t available in The Hamptons.”

Saturday night Isaac invited us to a private preview of the Torch’d Shoppe. It was who’s who of his friends and supporters.

The energy in the space was electric. Music pulsed the speakers and videos screens lit top the room. Colorful art hung on the walls and the bathroom was the perfect Instagram spot with a neon “YOU CAN SIT WITH US” sign on the wall.

Celebrities came and Dan’s Papers took their pics. Influencers and artists, real housewives and rock stars. Steph Amoroso performed an original song she wrote for the activation. Davis Boots, Isaac and Jeffrey’s dog, scurried around the store.

Mindset gummy samples went fast. To see people interacting with the brand, to actually choose their Mindset, was surreal.

Rene and I were proud parents as people inquired about mindset, our products, and our story. Finally, after months in the house, I had a place where I could share all the love and excitement I had. I shared my own story, how I created a chain of clothing stores, all the while hoping that with every store, I opened my crushing anxiety would stop. I explained how CBD allowed me the space to make new choices, free from anxiety and fear. I choose my mindset, and because I did here, we were here in the Hamptons with Isaac Boots.

It was amazing to see people choose their Mindset. People made an intention to feel a certain way and then took something to aid in getting them there. They choose to be happy and took a happy gummy and felt happier.

People got it. They understood the simplicity of Mindset Wellness. Choose how you want to feel: happy, calm, rested, focused, healthy.

The night was a huge success, we met incredible people, made real connections and felt the love for our brand. Saturday night I left all my old stories behind, and now there is only new incredible ones to make.

If you’re lucky enough to be in the Hamptons this summer, please visit the Torch’d Shoppe. As someone who has launched some amazing retail stores, I can tell you with certainty this is the future of retail. Dynamic brands that have a purpose and a message, all tied together by a brilliant personality.

Mindset Wellness is where it belongs this summer, in a vibrant space filled with community, happiness and love.

We are so proud to be partnering with Isaac Boots and The Torch’d Shoppe.

Torch’d Shoppe will be open 7 days a week from June 27th through September 5th and is located at 352 Montauk Highway in Wainscott (Next door to Barry’s Bootcamp).

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