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Thistle Farms

Calm Healing Candle

Calm Healing Candle

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Introducing the Thistle Farms x Mindset Wellness Calm Healing Candle - a collaboration born from the union of holistic wellness and compassionate care.

Crafted with care and intention, Thistle Farms candles are expertly made in small batches using the finest soy wax.

Our Calm candle is specifically designed to reduce anxiety and promote a sense of peace and serenity. The enchanting blend of sweet orange and vanilla, combined with the earthy essence of patchouli, creates a harmonious aroma that soothes the senses and calms the mind.

Each candle is handcrafted with love in small batches of 50 to 150, ensuring exceptional quality and attention to detail. 

Infused with 100% pure essential oils, our candles offer therapeutic benefits that uplift the spirit and nourish the soul. With every inhale, you'll feel a sense of renewal and rejuvenation, allowing you to find your inner calm and restore balance to your life.

For over 25 years, Thistle Farms has kindled a candle every morning at our Nashville headquarters, symbolizing sanctuary and hope for women transitioning from the streets. By choosing our candles, you join us in supporting this inspiring journey of healing and transformation.

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